This week for  Maths we had to do a Worksheet & slides that have to do with Decimal Numbers.

First we had to do the Worksheet & the Hardst one was the One Hundred Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Four.

After we were finished we had to Show Miss Tele’a.

Then We had to MArk it.

Finally we had to Blog.

I did well at Doing this .

I enjoyed Doing This too.

I need to improve on knowing more.

The Rainbow Fish

This week for Miss White reading groups we learned about how to create a comic strip based on the events of a story called rainbow fish.

Language features – past tense, verbs/adverbs, written in first person (I, we) and nouns.

First, Miss Mclean explained to us what our work was. Our task was to make a copy of the DLO and create a comic strip. In the DLO we had to draw stories and recount the events of the rainbow fish. For example : In the beginning the fishes were ….

Next, we had to make a copy of a document and use summaries words to help create the comic strip. We also had an option if we wanted to do it on chromebook or on paper. I chose chromebook it is easier to type faster and to draw pictures by using shapes.

Lastly we had to recount what we learned and show our DLO to the teacher.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at writing down the story. I nee dto improve on adding more details.

Happy Halloween

This week I did something fun. I made a google drawing about HALLAWEEN the scrayiest day of the year. I also designed a creepy face for halloween.

Halloween is about having fun and celebrating the dead. Halloween began as a pagan holiday celebrating the lives of those who had passed. But for us kids Halloween is about trick or treating, it is where you knock on someone’s door and say “trick or treat” and they’ll give you candy or other sweats. Sadly I did not go trick or treating this year for other reasons.

Problem & Solution

This week for reading I had to write about problems I had to find the problem in the book then I had to write the solution.  I had to  to find the solution and write it in the box.

i did well at typed

i need to get better at typeing fast

Ordering Numbers

This week in Maths we are revisiting place value, to help with our decimal numbers.  A decimal number is any number that has a decimal point in it.  This week we practiced how to read the digits. and how to read the value of a number.  We had 3 tasks this week.  Our first task was to order decimal numbers, the second was to show numbers in different forms.  Our last task was a worksheet that combined these two things.  Here is my work.


Today I learned about what is a limerick, ( a limerick is a type of poem where the first, second and fifth lines have the same rhyme (sound) and the rhythm ( 7 – 10 syllables). The third and fourth lines within a limerick will rhyme (sound) and have the same rhythm (5 – 7 syllables) too. Limericks often starts with the line ‘ There once was a…’).

First I made a copy of a limerick google slides.

Next when I finished all 5 of my limerick poems, I started my DLO of what is a limerick.

Lastly I finished my DLO and started my blog post.

Math Can Do’s

This week in Maths we have been learning how to work independently This means

working silen by yourself wiht out talking to othes. our task week was to coplete as mauny can do as poossibvle. the mininmum we could was four. I chose to do  these four tasks.

Fijian Language Week

Today I learnt about how to speak Fijian and learn a fact file about Fiji.

First I learnt about how to speak and talk in a conversation. There are many ways on how to talk in a conversation in Fiji. For example: Bula that means (hello), Vacava tiko that means (how are you?). One of my ways on starting a conversation is: Bula, na yacaqu o Ene. O cei na yacamau?

Next I learnt about a fact file about fiji. A fact file is information about what Fiji is about. For example: if a person doesn’t know anything about Fiji, you can show them a fact file about Fiji and they would learn about Fiji. There are many types of information in a fact file like: the population, captial city of Fiji, and the Fiji flag.

I enjoyed this task about Fiji lanuage week because it was enjoyable and fun to learn about Fiji.

Fraction Follow Up – T3 W5

This week we have been talking about basic fractions like halves and quarters. After we worked with Miss Tele’a on the mat, we had partners and my partner was AJ.  We had to answer the questions in the Google Slides and use the shape tool to show our answers.

I need to improve on typing

I did well at  my fractions

I enjoyed  making  shapes.