Day: October 13, 2023

Fijian Language Week

Today I learnt about how to speak Fijian and learn a fact file about Fiji.

First I learnt about how to speak and talk in a conversation. There are many ways on how to talk in a conversation in Fiji. For example: Bula that means (hello), Vacava tiko that means (how are you?). One of my ways on starting a conversation is: Bula, na yacaqu o Ene. O cei na yacamau?

Next I learnt about a fact file about fiji. A fact file is information about what Fiji is about. For example: if a person doesn’t know anything about Fiji, you can show them a fact file about Fiji and they would learn about Fiji. There are many types of information in a fact file like: the population, captial city of Fiji, and the Fiji flag.

I enjoyed this task about Fiji lanuage week because it was enjoyable and fun to learn about Fiji.