Day: November 7, 2023

The Rainbow Fish

This week for Miss White reading groups we learned about how to create a comic strip based on the events of a story called rainbow fish.

Language features – past tense, verbs/adverbs, written in first person (I, we) and nouns.

First, Miss Mclean explained to us what our work was. Our task was to make a copy of the DLO and create a comic strip. In the DLO we had to draw stories and recount the events of the rainbow fish. For example : In the beginning the fishes were ….

Next, we had to make a copy of a document and use summaries words to help create the comic strip. We also had an option if we wanted to do it on chromebook or on paper. I chose chromebook it is easier to type faster and to draw pictures by using shapes.

Lastly we had to recount what we learned and show our DLO to the teacher.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at writing down the story. I nee dto improve on adding more details.