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Fraction Follow Up – T3 W5

This week we have been talking about basic fractions like halves and quarters. After we worked with Miss Tele’a on the mat, we had partners and my partner was AJ.  We had to answer the questions in the Google Slides and use the shape tool to show our answers.

I need to improve on typing

I did well at  my fractions

I enjoyed  making  shapes.

Ene Research Speech

This week in writing we have been doing  speeches. We had to resherch what we were talking about and i’m talking about why vaping should be illegal and plastic pollution.

I did well at finding facts about plastic pollution.

I enjoyed typing about plastic pollution

I need to improve on my spelling



Emotive Language

This week we have been learning about Emotive Language. Emotive language are words that make you feel a strong emotion. We are learning about emotive langauge because we have to write persuasive speech. Emotive langauge helps make someone agree with us.

I did well at staying on task. I need to improve on working with others. I enjoyed getting help from someone.

Matariki – Waiti

This week I learnt about the 9 stars of Matariki.

The matariki stars names are Tupuārangi, Waipuna-ā-Rangi, Waitī, Tupuānuku, Ururangi, Waitā, Pōhutukawa and Hiwa-i-te-Rangi.  I chose to work on Waiti star.  Waiti is about fresh water and the creatures that live in it.  Wai means water in Maori.

I enjoyed talk about the water

I did well at what star


This week we were learning about multilication. We worked out that how to use repeated addition. We had to use lego pieces to figure out how many groups of each number we had.

I enjoyed placing the blocks. I need to improve on knowing my times tables faster. I did well at adding.

Victoria cross

   I h88ave learnt through studying the Victoria Cross that you had to be an exceptionally brave man to win the award. The Victoria Cross for Australia is the pre-eminent award for acts of bravery in wartime and Australia’s highest military honour. It is awarded to persons who, in the presence of the enemy, display the most conspicuous gallantry; a daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice; or extreme devotion to duty. The Victoria Cross shall be awarded for the most conspicuous bravery, a daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice, or extreme devotion to duty, in the presence of the enemy. I leaaarnt that the original British Victoria Cross introduced in 1856 by Queen Victoria to reward acts of valour during the Crimean War. The Victoria Cross for New Zealand has been awarded once, on 2 July 2007, to Lance Corporal Willie Apiata for actions in 2004.