Christmas dinner with my family

My Christmas dinner with my family at my Grandpa’s house. 


Me, my mum, my dad and brother and sister went to my grandpa and grandma’s house for Christmas dinner and I got  a present but first we ate and I played on  the PS4 then. I went upstairs  to give the present to my sister and  brother. 


Then I opened my present and it was an iphone 6 and some headphones then I started to set it up then. I started to download some apps.

So  when I get back I can go on it when I get back home. I  can go on it .At home I had a drink then I got another one then I went  down stairs and played.


Lastly I went up and got another drink then with a game of apex on my phone then I went for a shower then I went to play with my dad then. I went down start and played again and got another drink and played apex and  played some full guys then I went to eat some chicken and some potato and some 


Then  I got another drink and we said bye and went back home  and I went on my phone. 

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